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Ensuring continuity

Ste-Madeleine, February 17, 2015. Mr. Éric St Pierre, founder of the MIRA Foundation, is proud to announce the appointment of Mr. Nicolas St Pierre as Director General of the Foundation. “Nicolas has grown up at MIRA, known every step of the management and has, above all, mastered the delicate mission of our Foundation which is to help both the disabled individuals and the autistic children to rebuild a normal life with liberty, dignity and the greatest possible autonomy”, Mr. Éric St- Pierre says.

Mr. Roberto Pietrovito, chairman of the MIRA Foundation says : “We are proud of Nicolas’ work and sure that his leadership, his experience with MIRA and his success in the Programme Élite within the second cohort of entrepreneurs-athletes from École d’Entrepreneurship de Beauce will continue to offer Mira all the momentum and energy that it needs to respond to the constantly rising demand for its valuable services toward people affected by the circumstances of life”.

Effective immediately, Mr. St-Pierre replaces his father as Director General. “I am very honoured to have the opportunity to continue the exceptional momentum of my father who has been an inspirational visionary who motivated both my team and I. I am pleased to know that I can continue to count on my father’s presence within the Foundation. His work has been acknowledged all over France and North America”, Mr. Nicolas St-Pierre says.


Des organisateurs hors-pair

Plusieurs personnes et entreprises contribuent à l’œuvre de la Fondation MIRA par l’organisation d’événements bénéfices.

Familles et Autisme

La fondation MIRA, avec la collaboration de familles d’enfants autistes
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