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Défi-Vision 2018

Défi-Vision presented by Patrick Morin

Location: Autodrome de Granby 1268 Cowie Granby, QC J2J 0H2
Défi-Vision 2018

Every year, thousands of spectators attend this exciting race. The cars are driven by people with impaired vision, each accompanied by a sponsoring co-driver from the business world. Not only does Défi-Vision make it possible to raise money for the Mira Foundation, but above all, it gives people with impaired vision the chance to take the wheel once a year.

Do you want to be a driver or co-driver?

Do you want to sponsor a car so that a blind person can drive?

Do you want to donate your old automatic car?

Contact Sandy Fortier at 450-795-3725, Ext. 245, sfortier@mira.ca

Tickets for this racing event will be on sale on the Autodrome Granby website.

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