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For 5 years, V has contributed to Mira’s mission by devoting one full day of programming to La journée qui a du chien.

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La journée qui a du chien

In 2015, V decided to support Mira by offering La journée qui a du chien, a new spin on the traditional telethon. The goal of this dynamic telethon is to raise funds for Mira. The event was made annual after the success of its first edition.

More specifically, V helps Mira in the following ways:

  • Media promotion through an association between major brands where V commits to giving Mira 100% of the money collected.
  • A day-long personalized schedule where all of channel V’s programming is devoted to Mira. On the schedule: relevant movies and shows, informative vignettes, unedited content and self-promotion.


The average amount collected each year by the telethon


The average media value offered by V and its partners during La journée qui a du chien


Viewers watch V for La journée qui a du chien