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Help Mira better see the future

A simpler way of giving is a planned donation. There are many different, sometimes unknown, ways to give without affecting your regular lifestyle or that of your loved ones. Donating this way allows you to show your support in a tangible way and benefit fiscally. In doing this your wish to help us add, as well as maintain, services offered by the Mira Foundation is satisfied.

A planned donation allows the donor to make a donation that will survive him/her. It is possible to give today for later, and to take immediate advantage of certain fiscal advantages. A planned donation can be one of several different ways.

A will donation

A will donation is a planned donation included in your last will and testament. It dictates your wish to donate to the Mira Foundation. There are many types of will donations. The bequest can be a sum of money, a percentage of the net value of your estate, a property or a piece of art, etc.

Life insurance donations

A life insurance donation is to change the beneficiary and owner of your life insurance policy to the Mira Foundation. It may be an old insurance policy that you no longer need or a new policy. This option has some interesting fiscal advantages.

Share donations

You may transfer your shares, mutual funds, bonds, and the like, to the Mira Foundation. Share Donations to public charities have great fiscal advantages since 2006; they are exempt of capital gains tax.

If you wish to make a planned donation, we recommend you consult your financial advisor to ensure a well thought out plan. Notaries, financial planners, fiscalists and accountants are the best consultants to help you plan your donation and help you take full advantage of all fiscal rebates.


Lise et Petit Loup

Lise se ballade tous les jours dans les rues de Montréal.
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Vert demain !

Utiliser les terres de la ferme de St-Césaire pour les besoins du Jardin Gaétan Girouard
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