Our Dog Types

Mira dogs are our beneficiaries’ best friends. Learn about their particularities and characteristics.

The characteristics of our dogs

Each year, Mira assists at the breeding and birth of more than 300 puppies. They are intended to help beneficiaries living with a visual or physical disability or ASD, and each breed has its own temperament. Learn about the particular features of our dogs.

Unselected Dogs

Mira dogs that are not selected in any of our training programs are offered to the public in exchange of a donation. Mira determines the amount of the donation, based on the training received by the dog and its health condition. The dogs that are not selected are always sterilized and received all of their vaccines. We prioritize the foster family that took care of the dog during its first year of life. If the foster family do not wish to take the dog, we contact the people on our waiting list.

The main goal is to send our dogs in the best environments as possible, based on their needs and temperament. Therefore, the waiting list will be treated without priority order, according to the specific needs of our dogs. It is also impossible for Mira to guarantee that all people on the waiting list will be called for adoption.

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