Dogs that Change People’s Lives

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  • Guide Dog

    Giving eyes to the visually impaired

    Our dogs help people with a complete or partial visual impairment, a visual and hearing impairment or a visual and mobility impairment.

  • Dog for Children on the Autism Spectrum

    A window onto the world of children with autism

    In 2003, after years of in-depth research, Mira launched its program to support children with autism and their families. These children can receive services from dogs that are specially trained to help them.

  • Service Dog

    A helping hand for people with reduced mobility

    Service dogs give individuals with mobility impairments a greater autonomy. They help people with a physical disability by pulling their wheelchairs.

This Labrador puppy is called Max and he is 3 months old.

Story of a Mira Dog

As of 9 weeks old until retirement, Mira dogs play a critical role in their owners’ lives. A number of steps lead up to the development of this extraordinary connection.

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The average cost of a Mira dog throughout its life. Why?

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Our Events

In 2017, over 100 cyclists peddled for the cause, and their involvement made it possible to raise over $103,000. This year, we hope to break all records and reach the $115,000 target. Join us so…

Location: Mira Foundation
13-07-2018 to 14-07-2018

13 July 2018 MusiqueFest Mira 2018

The charity music festival to benefit the Mira Foundation is back for a second year in a row! By popular demand, we are pleased to announce that the event will be back this summer, but this time,…

Location: Camping Sainte-Madeleine

Every year, thousands of spectators attend this exciting race. The cars are driven by people with impaired vision, each accompanied by a sponsoring co-driver from the business world. Not only does…

Location: Autodrome de Granby



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