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Help Mira and the planet

Since 1994, Mira has been committed to educating the Quebec general public about the recycling of printer cartridges and cell phones. As well as representing concrete action for the environment, this initiative funds the training of many Mira dogs.

A two-part program

The cartridge recovery program is aimed at both businesses and individuals in Canada and helps to protect the environment and fund several Mira dogs.

Protect the environment


years for a printer cartridge to break down

Fund Mira


ink and laser cartridges were recycled in 2017

How the program works

Signing up

Those interested in contributing to Mira's funding through cartridge recycling must fill in a registration form. Upon receipt of this form, you will receive all the necessary information to send us your cartridges.

Sign up

Free pick up service

On a simple call from you, Mira picks up your cartridges previously packed in a box and well identified. Our pick up service is free. A minimum of 15 cartridges is required to be picked up by Mira.


All cartridges transit through the Mira Foundation warehouse in Neuville. They are sorted and sold through a tender process. Non-recoverable cartridges are destroyed responsibly. The cardboard and plastic of the parcels will also be recycled.

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