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Help Mira Your Way

As Mira does not receive any subsidies, its funding depends entirely on donations from the public. Contribute to its mission by organizing a fundraiser. It is thanks to people like you that Mira can pursue its goals.

What are the steps to follow?

Firstly, you must fill out and send us the “Submit a Fundraising Project” form.

After approval, Mira will supply the necessary support documents:

  • A letter authorizing the solicitation of donations and sponsors
  • The Mira logo and its standards of use
  • An example of a solicitation letter
  • A deposit report
  • A fiscal receipt report

After the fundraising event, you will need to hand over the funds you have raised along with a detailed report of your activities within 15 days following the event.

What Are the Criteria?

Mira encourages organizers to add a personal touch to their events. However, certain criteria must be respected:

  • You must specify in the name of your event that the funds raised will go to Mira
  • Door-to-door solicitation is prohibited
  • Using Mira’s name and/or brand to sell commercial products or services is prohibited (except for agreements with our main sponsors)
  • It is prohibited to fundraise for Mira with gambling or lottery games
  • Mira cannot accept any funds raised by fundraising/activities/prizes/points of sale that are linked with a pet store or pet-related commerce other than Mondou, Mira’s main sponsor. Third-party volunteer fundraising event organizers must also respect this agreement and cannot associate other pet-related businesses with their event.

How Can I Help MIRA by Organizing an Event?


  • Organize a sporting event
  • Organize a dinner in the dark
  • Organize a garage sale
  • Organize a benefit concert

Companies / Organizations / Groups

  • Organize a networking cocktail
  • Organize a silent auction
  • Sponsor one of Mira’s fundraising events


  • Organize bake sales
  • Organize a project in a management or communications course
  • Host a Mira speaker

Share Your Fundraising Idea with Us

Fill out the form, including as much detail as possible. We will study your request and contact you as soon as possible.

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