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The essential ingredient of the MIRA recipe ... your generosity!

As part of its mission, the MIRA Foundation calls upon volunteers for various tasks. Volunteers sit on the Board of Directors and participate in the organization of our various events. Volunteers are an integral part of the life of our organization.

Please note that there is no volunteering to do directly with the dogs, except by participating in the foster family program. This is a matter of safety and proper training of dogs. All dogs are assigned to qualified personnel.

We thank you for your interest in volunteering with the MIRA Foundation and invite you to complete the volunteer form below.

All applications we receive are reviewed based on available volunteer opportunities. The personal information you provide remains strictly confidential and is only accessed by authorized personnel.


Guillaume et Arec

La vie de Guillaume a basculé quand il est devenu aveugle.
[Voir la vidéo]

Jeunes et familles d’accueil

Plusieurs élèves sont aussi famille d’accueil.
[Voir la vidéo]

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