Mondou has been an official partner of Mira since 1983 and has helped Mira in many ways throughout its network of stores.

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Mondou has many stores across Quebec which offer a vast selection of food, treats and accessories for animals. Mondou has helped Mira in many ways, from selling products to organizing campaigns and events throughout its network of stores. More specifically, the company has contributed in the following ways:

  • Free distribution of dry Vetdiet food to all Mira dogs as well as all beneficiaries since 2015. Beneficiaries can pick up their choice of Vetdiet food in any Mondou store in Quebec, eliminating the need to constantly travel to Mira.
  • Production and sale of Mondou calendars for Mira’s benefit
  • Sale of select products with part of the proceeds going to Mira
  • Holding events in different Quebec stores to raise awareness about the good work being done by Mira dogs and employees


The year Mondou and Mira began their partnership


Tons of VetDiet food per year are required to feed Mira dogs


Has been accumulated since the beginning of our partnership with Mondou


Mondou calendars have been produced and sold to support Mira