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Observing the dog

The purpose of the observation is to discover qualities and deficiencies so as to eliminate and/or to direct the subjects that present incompatibilities with the program and the objective of the Mira Foundation.

Economically, it is important not to spend time and money on a candidate who does not possess the required qualities. What is a deficiency for us can be a quality for another working kind (for example the level of activity and the sniffer dog).

We have found videos to be the most successful tool so far. It allows the stocking of almost identical situations for almost the last ten years. The instructor will view tapes that will guide him in the process selectiong the dog according to the work it will be required to do.

After the viewing, the instructor will be able to clarify his observations on an valuation scale, from zero to five, according to the dog’s performance. He will then be able to adequately direct the dog to the best type of training suited to its abilities.


Jacob et Nash

Jacob a reçu son chien d’assistance à l’âge de treize ans.
[Voir la vidéo]

Classe d’évaluation

Une des particularité de MIRA est l’attribution de chiens à de jeunes clients.
[Voir la vidéo]

Vert demain !

Utiliser les terres de la ferme de St-Césaire pour les besoins du Jardin Gaétan Girouard
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