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A generous and stouthearted prince

God, how I would have enjoyed being a Labrador!

An animal full of joy, happy to live and simply proud of what it is! What a marvellous dog, with its beautiful, strong body that seems to have been carved by the hands of a great artist! What a generous and stouthearted prince!

An uncomplicated and forthcoming creature that goes wherever life beckons it and wherever fun is to be found, the Lab is graced by an infinite sense of forgiveness.

Instead of sulking and withdrawing within itself for days, it regains its bright disposition at the first opportunity, at the first loving gesture from its master. Classified as a sport dog, particularly for hunting waterfowl, it is an animal that always to obey its master. It is also never afraid of showing some boldness and daring energy in carrying out its orders. To properly introduce you to this dog, let’s follow one of them.

Taking Amico out to relieve himself, the telephone ring brings me back inside the house. Sitting outside the closed door, Amico sits, hoping I will remember his presence and allow him to join me.

The conversation drags on, time flies and, tired of waiting, he glances longingly at the garden. Wanting to make the most of the moment, he crosses the path, his nose to the ground. Some enticing smell draws him to the neighbor’s property and onto the road running along the cord field. From one discovery to the next, his environment gives him cause to always explore further. Once in this village, he goes about his business, wandering from one place to another, in search of information and stimulation. Graced with a unique confidence (a character that specific to the breed), he even goes so far as sharing water and food with other dogs in the vicinity.

A great lover of children and their appetite for life, he spends the rest of the afternoon playing in a school yard where he socializes spontaneously. He then pimly follows his favourite new friend to his home. Oozing charm and confidence, Amico instantly becomes the darling of the family where, in his disarming simplicity, he expects to find room and board. Betrayed by the telephone number on his collar, Amico-the-great-traveller is overwhelmed with joy to see me finally arrive to get him. Totally bereft of remorse, however, he shows no sign of unhappiness either at seeing his escapade cut short.

A cabinet-maker would say that it is his favourite wood, a sculptor his chosen marble, a cook his sauce’s essential element. At MIRA, the Labrador is the cornerstone of our pedigree stock.

Éric St-Pierre


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