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Mira à la carte

MIRA wants to get closer to people in the region by strengthening the ties with those that have been sensitive to the cause for the past 30 years. In addition to sharing with you the various stages of training, breeding, pairing and life of the allocated dogs, "Mira la carte" keeps you informed, almost in real time, of our achievements and the services offered throughout the province of Quebec.

Above the map, there are two scrolling lists. The left-hand list has the ability to display all the attributed dogs, or attributed dogs by program type. The right-hand list allows you to view the dogs in all administrative regions of Quebec, or to select a region. At the bottom of the map, there are two tabs. By choosing the "active dogs" tab, the map will display the dogs currently in service, and by choosing the "awaiting dogs" tab, it will display all the areas where a person is waiting for a dog. As the map is enlarged, the search becomes more accurate, without revealing precise locations, in order to preserve the privacy of the user.

Together we’ve built it, together we’ll make it last through time.

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