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Rehabilitation dog

The rehabilitation dog trained by the MIRA Foundation, as used at the CRE (Centre de réadaptation Estrie), contributes to developping the abilities of the person’s rehabilitation in physical and occupationnal therapy. The use of rehab dogs can reduce the patient’s length of stay at the rehabilitation unit and improve speed, endurance and gait pattern.

Training services outline

The purpose of the training is to equip participants with skills related to te handling of the dog, its management in the daily context and its use in the perspective of rehabilitation of people with a disability. After the training period and follow-up, participants will be able to use their dogs safely, effectively and with ease in the workplace rehabilitation.

Conduct of the training

Participants will be exposed to practical sessions on the use of the dogs for the duration of the course and will aslo be exposed to sessions of rehabilitation activities assisted by the dog.

Day 1-2-3

  • Participants will receive intensive training with trained dogs for rehabilitation activities.
  • The first three days are devoted to the acquisition of skills in controlling the dog and acquisition of knowledge about the animal (health, temperament, and lifestyle).
  • The dog is attributed to the participant in the third day. From that moment on, the participant lives with the dog 24 hours a day.

Day 4

  • The fourth day is focused on the control of the dog in a natural environment (city, shops, and supermarkets to name a few).

Day 5-6-7

In the presence of the physiotherapist and/or the trainer, the participant will learn how to use the dog in te context of rehabilitation. These are the main subject covered :

1. How to introduce the rehad dog in your setting, "do’s and don’ts"

2. Therapeutic use of the rehabilitation dog in

  • physical therapy
  • occupational therapy
  • speech therapy

3. Evidence base data

4. Practical handling in therapy

5. How to teach your coworkers the use of the rehab dog into their therapy


Le chien de réadaptation

En cliquant sur cette photo, voyez comment le chien de réadaptation est utilisé avec une clientèle d’enfants et d’adultes lors de séances de réadaptation physique.

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